Our obligations to Nominet require us to have a spam policy.

Our answer on that is short, we don’t send any. If customers don’t want emails from us we don’t want to send them.

We do provide services to other businesses that need to send out automated emails from sites or apps to notify users of activity on their accounts. Where we do there will be a separate email address to contact the site originator and update your preferences. We avoid using many graphics in these emails as graphics are one of the tools that spammers use to try and spoof you into giving up either your personal details or your bank details. A spoof email is an email designed with copies of your graphics to try and convince users that it originated from you. Too many graphics increases the risk.

If we do send out news updates or mailings we normally use Mailchimp. With Mailchimp we do use some graphics because Mailchimp has features ensuring delivery to the correct mailbox and also a feature to tell us when a user unsubscribes. So if you received something from us via Mailchimp there’s a feature there enabling you to update your preferences and let us know.

So if you have received a spam email and you think it is from us then first please look at the browser bar in the top of your device and check whether it really is from us or from somebody else.

If it is from us and you didn’t want to receive it then we’re sorry, and you are welcome to let us know via the contact form. The reason we use a contact form is because we are just like you. We don’t want spam either!

We have more terms and conditions here.