If you wish to know more about Pmark LLP, please contact us.

But no spam please!

Pmark LLP is a blended consultancy working on both IT and Healthcare projects.

Pmark LLP also operates the Pmark tag. If you have reached us via this route then please note that your personal details will be managed by Pmark LLP (also known as Integrity Registration).

The full list of Nominet policies for *.uk domains is here.

Please note that a domain is not a trademark. You only have rights over it if you keep paying for it and then subject to the Nominet terms and conditions.

Pmark LLP has a registration number at the Information Commissioners Office which is ZA676360.

The partnership also has a registration with the Information Commissioner’s office which is A8753035 under the name Integrity Registration.

The purpose of the pmark tag is brand protection: We do it to protect our own brands and the brands of connected businesses. Occasionally we do it for customers of our other businesses if they need help. For businesses connected to us if we charge for domains we presently charge them at the Nominet wholesale price.

If we have a domain that we already own as the registrant that we found via information that was in the public domain then we reserve the right to sell it for whatever we think it is worth.

So if you do not yet know us and have found us via the Nominet Registry but are thinking of establishing a business, please be careful of sharing too much either with us or with anybody else before going public with your idea. We suggest you establish a relationship with us first in order that we can find out what it is that you want from us before we agree to do business or perhaps refer you if we think you are better off elsewhere.

Whatever your idea is if you are small UK business just starting out we wish you luck, and we suggest that you join the Federation of Small Businesses just as soon as you are able to do so.